Listing Process

The waiting list is open to anyone interested in living at Woodside Village.  Applications from persons younger than 65 will be accepted.  A unit will only be offered to those where either of the spouse/partner has reached the age of 65.

The Waiting List commenced in December 1997. New applicants to the waiting list should be aware that it may be 15 years or more before they are offered a unit, depending on the preferred accommodation requested.

There are two waiting lists, an internal waiting list for existing residents who wish to relocate within the village, and an external waiting list for prospective residents. The listing fee is R1,000 for existing residents and R2,000 for prospective residents. Submission of the waiting list application form should be accompanied by the listing fee to secure a place on the waiting list.  The waiting list is operated strictly in the order in which the applications and listing fee payments are received, with persons on the internal waiting list taking precedence over those on the external waiting list. The detailed waiting list procedures are set out below. An annual newsletter is sent out to those on the waiting list to keep them informed about the village and provide an update of their position on the waiting list.

The basis on which the Waiting List operates is as follows:-

  • The approved waiting list application form should be completed and returned together with the “Listing Fee” of R2,000 payable to the Marsh Woodside Village Trust.
    • It can be:
      • posted to 116 Woodside Village, 21 Norton Way, Rondebosch, 7700;
      • dropped off at the clubhouse or with Security at the entrance gate;
      • faxed to (021) 685-6692; or
      • scanned and e-mailed to
      •  Payment via EFT is acceptable.  Please do not include cash.  The application will be acknowledged and you will be advised of your position on the waiting list.
  • When a suitable cottage or apartment, as specified in the application form, becomes available, applicants will be contacted in chronological order until a Life Right purchaser is secured. If an applicant is not contactable when a unit becomes available, the unit will be offered to the next applicant on the waiting list. Applicants are advised to let us know if they will be away for any length of time, especially if they are close to the top of the waiting list.
  • Applicants retain their position on the waiting list even though they decline a cottage or apartment.
  • Life Right purchasers should note that a 10% deposit is payable on signature of the Life Right Agreement and that the balance is due within 3 months of date of signature. This is important as the vacating occupant or his/her Estate is refunded out of the purchase of the new Life Right. There are no transfer or conveyancing fees.
  • The R2,000 (R1,000 for internal waiting list) is a listing fee which secures a place on the waiting list and is only refunded should a cottage or apartment be allocated.
  • In order to be able to benefit from the lifestyle that Woodside Village offers, it is imperative that new residents be able to live independently in their cottage or apartment.
  • Internal Waiting List residents are required to live in their unit for at least two (2) years before another cottage/apartment will be offered in accordance with the unit choices on their Internal Waiting List Application Form.