Book Club

Do you love books? Are you often looking for people to discuss literature with? Lots of people love to read but it can sometimes be hard to find someone to discuss the book you’re reading especially if you love an uncommon genre. You are welcome to join one of the Woodside book club groups. They are also great opportunities to meet new people and make new friends with common interests.


Social bridge is played several times per week. The emphasis is on social bridge and newcomers are most welcome. This is a particularly good way to meet other bridge lovers in the village.

Croquet Lawn

The croquet lawn is situated next to the clubhouse. Balls and mallets are available. We have a growing, energetic group of regular players and new faces are always welcome. There are residents who are happy to give introductory lessons and great friends are made during this time of teaching. Tournaments are also arranged with other croquet clubs.

Entertainment club

“Social Saturday Suppers” are designed for those Residents who find themselves alone on a Saturday evening, but would prefer some company. The idea is to Bring-a-Plate-to-Share, as well as whatever you would like to drink and make your way to the Woodpecker in the Clubhouse.

While there are several “regular attendees”, there is no expectation that once you have come you are committed to attending every week. The emphasis is rather, that while you will always be welcome, you only come when you want to.

Exercise Class

Ageless Grace exercise classes are held weekly in the Functions/TV room. Join and share in the joy of exercise.

Residents have the use of the pool during the summer months.


The village library has a wide selection of books and movies, both fiction and non-fiction. Romance, comedy, historical and mystery themed books can all be found on our shelves. Jigsaw puzzles and audiobooks are also available for residents to borrow. The library is staffed by a group of volunteer residents.


Enthusiastic players of this old Chinese game meet on Saturdays in the “Woodpecker”. If you would like to play, or to learn the art of MahJong, you are more than welcome to come along.

Monthly Market

On the third Wednesday of every month, an informal market is held in the Clubhouse. You will find ladies selling scarves, bags, knitwear, biscuits, jams, jewellery, nuts, dried fruit, etc. Residents who may not easily get out of the village, enjoy this social event where they can browse at leisure.


There is a half-size snooker table, with cues and balls, which is in the craft room. A small group of average players meet on weekday afternoons and are always on the look-out for new players.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis is played every Friday and Monday morning at 9.30 in the craft room. Keys are available throughout the weekend. It is great fun no matter at what level of skill you play and excellent exercise as well.

The Stitchers

A group of enthusiastic residents make up “the Stitchers group”. They meet in the craft room every Tuesday and engage in embroidering, crocheting, knitting, patchwork and sewing. The group also organises an annual morning market to raise funds for charity.

Woodside Classical Music Society

This Society meets monthly in the Functions/TV room and provides a programme which includes classical music, ballet, opera and drama.

Woodside Movie Club

Everyone loves a good movie, so join us on occasion and bring your own popcorn.

Woodside Theatre Club

Theatre visits, transport arrangements and tickets at group booking rates are all part of the service provided for Woodside residents.

Woodside Village News publication

“The Woodsider of Woodside Village” is published bi-monthly. It contains articles of general interest for all residents. Contributions from residents are welcomed.


Yoga is an inclusive practice with chanting, a warm-up, an exercise set in a deep relax and meditation for those who wish to improve both their physical and emotional wellbeing. Join us every Monday evening in the Conference Room. Equipment is provided.