MWVT has outsourced frail care to CDC Frail Care (Pty) Ltd (“CDC”) who offer a high level of care.  CDC is registered with the Department of Health.

The Frail Care Centre provides accommodation, nursing care on a 24 hour basis, meals and laundry services to those who can no longer live independently. There are 41 single, 2 large single and 2 double private rooms each with a toilet and hand wash basin en-suite.  The rooms are also equipped with satellite TV and a telephone connection.

Village residents requiring accommodation are given priority access over non-residents.  Accommodation is available for residents requiring emergency care, but if temporarily unavailable, nursing care will be arranged at the cost of the resident in his/her cottage or apartment. All homes are linked to the 24 hour emergency health care service.

Village residents pay for primary health care as part of their monthly levy. Primary health care includes a 24 hour emergency service, a daily clinic, visits by the Community Sister to those who are ill and who need basic health care and offers a supportive role to residents of the village.  Village residents in the Frail Care Centre pay a monthly tariff which is at least 20% below the tariff paid by non-village residents. This discount is only applicable to residents who hold Life Rights.  In terms of the lease, the tariff may be adjusted from time to time, subject to the tariff being at a commercially competitive level.

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