Woodside Village welcomed its first residents in April 1996. It has earned the reputation of being a successful and well run retirement village and a most desirable place to live. Those who wish to secure a place in the village have the opportunity to add their names to the Waiting List.

The village, which was originally developed by Norwich Life and completed in December 1997, is located on land owned by the William Marsh Will Trust which houses Marsh Memorial Homes. The land on which the village is located has been leased to the Marsh Woodside Village Trust (“MWVT”) for 99 years with an additional 25 year option. The trustees are appointed by the MCSA Woodside Trust and the William Marsh Will Trust.

The main aims of Woodside Village are:-

  • to provide quality accommodation which is affordable and safe;   and
  • to meet the diverse needs of its residents.

The village is managed by a General Manager and her staff who report to the Board of the Woodside Village Management Association (“WVMA”) – all residents are members of the WVMA. Residents elect 6 members to the Village Board annually.