Main Features

  • Located in the heart of Rondebosch
  • Choice of  1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, or 2 bedroom extended cottages & apartments
  • Effective 24 hour security & access control
  • 48 bed Health Care Centre (independently operated and accredited by the Department of Health)
  • Primary health care for residents
  • 24 hour emergency health care
  • Attractive clubhouse offering a wide range of amenities and activities
  • Heated outdoor swimming pool
  • Daily meals available (optional)
  • Affordable levies with escalations for 5 (five) years;  fixed thereafter


The village has 155 cottages and 52 apartments (located in 2 separate 3 storey buildings each served by a lift). All cottages have attached garages and each apartment has a single garage alongside the apartment block. Most of the cottages face north. Both apartment buildings face north and most of the units have balconies, some of which have been enclosed by previous or current residents. The unit sizes and the current prices and levies are set out in the price list which is updated annually. No transfer or conveyancing fees are payable.